Kilkenny Crest Breeding Season Has Begun!


Welcome to Kilkenny Ghent [Riverman X Kilkenny Cairo (Kilkenny Jasco)]




 Ten minutes, still wet, and already standing!!!

Kilkenny Ghent (by Riverman-ISF out of Kilkenny Cairo by Kilkenny Jasco [Joram])


Kilkeny Crest believes affection and personal care the first few years of a horse's life are the foundation of a successful show career. Sherry has built a staff that shares her sensitivity to this important time to the foals.
Mindi Castaneda-Tejeda has worked as a vital team member of Kilkenny Crest since 1996. Her experience and knowledge of horses is essential and includes fitness, injury prevention and recuperation and nutrition. Mindi also has an excellent eye for both finding horses for our show strings and helping our riders from the ground. After years of touring show circuits, Mindi is shifting her focus, sending the show horses on the road without her and adding reproduction and foal development to her vast realm of knowledge. 

Kasey Owen assists foaling mares and caring for the newborns. Her unique affection for the babies makes her an excellent handler and friend to every baby. She makes sure each baby’s voice is heard.


Jeantel Stander has joined our team as a CAEP trainee from South Africa.  As she nears the end of her year with us, she has become a valuable team member, participating not only with the breeding team but also becoming quite knowledgeable about the show horses.

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